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Health & Safety

Getting it right from the start!

As with any large organisation, health and safety of its personnel and product is of paramount importance. However, within the food production and distribution Industry... this takes on a whole new meaning.

When we approach any technical clean within this sector, our first task is to fully understand the clients cleaning requirements.


Gaining a complete understanding of the scope of works, timescales and client expectations.

Technical Method Statement: The how to... within this sector often requires 'out of the box' thinking! We have spent years figuring how to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks within a very short timescale without endangering our teams, your personnel, your processing equipment or inventory.

Site Specific and audited RAMS: Our NEBOSH Health & Safety team will ensure that every conceivable box is ticked from the basics like PAT Testing, harness and access equipment inspections, LOLA and IPAF licenses but will also provide specific technical documentation on chemical disbursement and efficacy.

Results Monitoring: In order to evaluate our effectiveness, we undertake pre and post clean tests in numerous locations with an ATP Snap Test computer. This allows us to instantly monitor results without having to wait for traditional culture test reports that can take up to two weeks.

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As part of the survey our specialist will explain the 3-point cleaning system and would be happy to demonstrate the process in action.

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