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The Science

Bio Clean - the effective tool for infection control

The target

Biofilm – a protective layer able to protect bacteria from disinfectants and detergents. It’s found on almost any surface and can build up to several microns thick.

Within biofilm

Multiple Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI) such as MRSA, ESBL, VRE, C.diff, Norovirus, Salmonella, E.coli and COVID-19.

The challenge

Biofilms have been almost impossible to remove, allowing bacterial colonies to thrive. Biofilms have dispersal periods where new bacteria is released to form new colonies and more biofilm. A single disinfectant is not effective.

Understanding the Bio-film cycle
Understanding the Bio-film cycle

Standard cleaning with single disinfectant

  • Superficial action
  • Fails to eliminate biofilm, with bacteria remaining trapped in place
  • Results in poor hygiene and high risk of recontamination

Genie Bio Clean Service

  • Bio Clean fogging creates very fine droplets of a chemical at high velocity into the air as a dry mist.
  • Delivered via handheld spray for office environments and machine fogging technology for large volumetric areas.
  • The fine mist delivers enhanced sterilisation of infections from all enclosed accessible and inaccessible areas of bacteria from hard surfaces, soft fabrics and airborne bacteria.
  • The chemical ingredient is a mild formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver, water-based, bleach-free, non-toxic and environment friendly.
  • The process involves breaking down the biofilm, neutralising all bacteria, and leaving a protective layer to stave off regermination and recontamination.

Why Bio Clean fogging?

In a nutshell, Bio Clean fogging achieves 99.9999% efficacy of all specified bacteria and pathogens

It out-performs and more stable than bleach*, maintaining superior microbiological control with no known resistance.

*successfully utilised across a broad range of pH levels with broad-spectrum efficacy

Fast application

  • Total coverage on surfaces of all types in no time.
  • Large and complex environments such as hospital wards completed in 3 – 4 hours.
  • ‘In and out’ with no down time and no drying required.
  • Fogged areas safe to use after 45 Mins.

Highly efficient

  • A single application can successfully treat 1m3 – 20,000m3.
  • A kill rate in seconds of 110 tested pathogens.
  • 90% reduction in chemical usage over standard cleaning processes.

Adaptable to all environments

  • Used across all types of exposed surfaces with handheld sprays.
  • Machine fogging delivers access to ALL exposed and inaccessible surfaces unreachable by sprays or hand touch.
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination when using a cloth, wipe or sponge.

Safe and workspace friendly

  • Completely safe for the environment, humans, animals and plants.
  • Usable around sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Patented disinfecting Healthcare-grade formulas - Non-allergenic, unscented, bleach and Peracetic Acid free.

Tested and Certified

'Genie Bio Mist' Certificate of Conformity

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